Business Valuation Services
Aleutian is unique among valuation specialists in that we are also principal investors in businesses (through our Aleutian Capital Partners division), and benefit from the resulting real world knowledge when assessing the value of companies.
Our acquisition services group assesses over a dozen companies each week on behalf of our clients across a full range of industries. Our valuation determination is thorough and inclusive of the unique factors affecting each business. Aleutian’s valuation services are available to both owners (sellers) and buyers of businesses.
Our Approach
We determine valuation using the results of three separate sets of analyses: a cash flow assessment, comparable transaction analysis, and an asset assessment.
Adjustments to Raw Value
Often, the value determined using the methods described above must be adjusted to reflect specific aspects of a proposed transaction. For example, business valuation can change depending on whether:
  • The company is being sold in an asset versus a stock transaction
  • There is real estate included in the sale
  • Debt is being assumed by the buyer (depending on the terms)
  • The business experiences high volatility or has other unique risks
  • A single person (often the seller) is vital to the business’s prospects going forward
We apply these adjustments as appropriate to generate a real-world assessment of the value of the company.
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