Investment Criteria

ACP seeks stable companies in non-commodity manufacturing, distribution, and business-to-businesses services. Leverage will be used within conservative limits to finance acquisitions. The firm may also co-invest as part of a syndicate in larger transactions that meet its investment criteria.

The firm will acquire profitable companies with revenue between $10 to $200 million and EBITDA of at least $1 million and reflecting an appropriate margin for the industry. Acquisitions must also meet the following criteria:
Investment Criteria
  • Consistent positive cash flow during at least the past five years with EBITDA exceeding $1 million · Mature, stable industry; business not reliant on new technology
  • Fragmented competitive and customer markets, with consistent (relatively non-cyclical) demand for the industry’s products
  • Opportunities for financial improvement (e.g., manufacturing or labor productivity enhancement, market expansion, scale efficiencies through add-on acquisitions, etc.)
  • Diversified customer base; sales not highly dependent on one or a few customers
  • Diversified supplier base
  • No foreseen developments that could adversely impact the company’s performance (e.g., demographic changes, technology shifts)
  • Access to knowledgeable and capable management
  • Proprietary edge over competition
  • Meets lender or institutional criteria for debt financing
  • Profitable exit opportunitiesAcquisition multiple appropriate for size, industry, growth rate and risk profile
  • Revenue between $5 and $150 million
  • In business of providing same or similar products / services for at least past five years
  • Positive cash flow for each of past three years
  • Employee turnover equal to or lower than the industry standard
  • Opportunities for growth (e.g., geographic expansion, product / service enhancement, outsourcing / offshoring, etc.)
  • Experienced and knowledgeable management willing to stay for at least two years post transaction
  • Defensible market position
Ideal target companies are those that, while already profitable, can benefit from a renewed emphasis on operating efficiency, sales aggressiveness and, in certain cases, the application of IT or other established technology.
Preferred Industries
Aerospace and
Business to business
and distribution
Consumer products,
including branded
and private labels
Energy services
Healthcare services
and medical devices
Industrial equipment
Information technology
(products and services)
Logistics and
Security infrastructure
and services
In general, Aleutian does not invest in or acquire businesses where sales are limited to the company’s local geographic area such as restaurants and retail stores. However, some local service companies may be of interest depending on whether the business model is unique and can be replicated successfully at other locations, or if synergies can be realized from the acquisition and integration of similar businesses.
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