Management Buyouts
Management buyouts (”MBOs”) are a special focus of our firm. Here’s why:
  • MBOs are primarily funded by private equity firms
  • Aleutian Capital has established contractual relationships with hundreds of private equity firms. We believe we have more such relationships than any other mid-market firm
  • Because of our constant contact with these firms, we are experts at presenting opportunities to the private equity community
  • Because of our reputation in that community, we have been able to bring multiple interested parties to managers of MBOs in as little as one week
  • We are willing to proceed with your MBO on any pace you suggest, limiting the number of potential targets or bringing in a wider audience
  • CONFIDENTIALITY is our strong suit. Because we have so many established relationships, most of our financing sources have pre-existing obligations of confidentiality. We are also extremely adept at gauging interest on the basis of information no financing source could use to identify the target company
  • As a relatively small firm, we can “turn on a dime.” We can engage as many of our twelve professionals as are required to move quickly on your proposal
We would be happy to discuss your individual situation at any time and would be happy to execute a non-disclosure agreement prior to those discussions.
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