We are in constant contact with our network and locate opportunities through the investment community, affiliations with professional services firms, business intermediaries, industry associations, targeted mailings, alumni networks and other sources. We review opportunities and deals on a daily basis, evaluating and identifying quality acquisition targets to present to our buyers. Gathering information including seller expectations, revenue models, business operations and historical financial performances, we produce one page executive summaries on a blind basis. Our summary reports allow for easy and efficient deal screening by our clients, who are often aggravated by wasting time reviewing deals not suited for their needs.

After selecting deals they are interested in, buyers and investors will be required to sign a buy-side success fee agreement with us before we proceed to introduce the opportunity and confidential information. Unlike other buy-side firms, Aleutian Acquisitions Services does not charge a retainer fee. We work exclusively on a success fee basis, only being paid in the event of a successful closing.

After introducing an opportunity, we function as a communication buffer between our clients and the sellers (or their intermediaries) until a client decides to take the lead in pursuing the deal. Also, we are available to work alongside the buyer during the assessment process and post-acquisition strategic planning. We have developed a comprehensive due diligence process to uncover the risks and objectively assess the prospects of each opportunity. The process is based on our experience in corporate law, deal structuring and management consulting, and is the same as that used by Aleutian Capital Partners (AAS’s parent company) for its own acquisition assessments.
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