Selling Your Company
ACG has one of the most efficient systems for marketing your company of any middle market investment bank in this country. We have spent the past decade establishing relationships with institutional investors and actively acquisitive companies. We now have signed agreements with over 650 of such acquirers and we are in constant contact with some 2,500 active buyers. Consequently, we know what acquirers want and how they think.

Because of this network, and because of our comprehensive database of other qualified buyers and investors, including foreign firms, we can bring multiple interested parties to the table in a very short period of time compared to other middle market banks. The process of selling a company can be stressful and the faster the process can be completed, the better for all concerned.

We have also developed a system for making extremely confidential inquiries, both within our network and outside of it, to gather potential acquisition offers while keeping the seller’s identity anonymous. It is extremely important in many cases that neither the other companies in your industry nor your employees become aware of your plans to sell.

We are middle market specialists. We focus on companies with $10 million to $200 million in revenues. We know that market. While we have had great success in specific industries, such as information technology, e-commerce, trucking and logistics, oil and gas, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, aerospace and consumer goods, our unique process is applicable to virtually any industry other than real estate.

The confidential information memoranda that we produce are the equal of any middle market advisor and we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our selling materials as well as our interaction with potential buyers.
Company Sale Process
Approx. 45-50 Days
Potential Partners
  • Establish goals
  • Identify potential buyers:
    prepare marketing plan
  • Assess financials
    and operations
  • Approach potential buyers,
    receive NDA’s and provide
    Information memorandum
  • Conduct valuation and
    determine desired
    deal structure
  • Prepare Information
  • Discuss deal with interested
  • Prepare Information
Making the Deal
Approx. 60-80 Days
Partner Selected /
Letter of Intent Execute
  • Receive and access Letters
    of Intent (LOI)
  • Assist with gathering and
    due diligence items
  • Meet with selected potential
  • Monitor buyer’s financing
  • Assist with LOI negotiation
    and selection
  • Facilitate complete due
  • Resolve any Issues and accept
    an LOI
Closing the sale
Approx. 45-90 Days
Final Close
  • Resolve remaining issues
  • Review purchase agreement
    and other closing documents
  • Close sale
Phase 1
During this initial period, we take the time to understand your goals and prepare the company for sale. We will assist your financials and operations, complete a valuation analysis and write a comprehensive information memorandum. We will then identify logical buyers, present the process and discuss the deal. Throughout the process, we will identify issues that interested parties may uncover so that we can address them effectively as they arise.
Phase 2
the Deal
We will receive a number of Letters of Intent (LOI) from interested parties presenting their buyout or investment proposals. When appropriate, we will meet with the selected buyers, allow them to tour your facilities, and encourage them to enhance their offers. Together, we will screen final offers and choose the best one based on offer size, terms, likelihood to close (e.g., ability to pay/arrange financing) and other factors.
Phase 3
the Sale
This period begins once a buyer is selected. The extent of the due diligence will be agreed upon prior to accepting the LOI. We will help facilitate the process, monitor the buyer’s financial arrangement, run the secure date room and answer many of the questions that arise. Once the buyer satisfies its due diligence needs, we, along with your legal counsel, will help conclude negotiations, finalize the purchase and sale agreement, resolve remaining issues, review all purchase documents and close the transaction.

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